Red Wine & Rosemary

200 g

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The Story

“Sausages are often always paired with red wine. So it was just fitting for us to include a variant that would incorporate red wine in our sausages. Rosemary is also one of our favorite herbs. Though it’s one of the most difficult to maintain in our herb garden, it’s one of the best herbs you can ever flavor your meat. Mixing red wine, rosemary and meat together made a perfect combination. Wine drinkers and meat lovers will surely love this flavor! If you don’t like it at first bite give it another try. You’re in for a surprise! It will start to grow on you and you will begin craving for more.” -Kiko and Jessica Keep frozen. Can be stored for several months but best consumed within 3 months for best flavor and quality. Cooking instructions: Thaw sausage in the fridge. Simmer with 6 tablespoons of water over low-medium heat. Cover and turn every few minutes. When water evaporates drizzle with your preferred oil and brown skin for 5 mins. Avoid overcooking as it will dry out the sausages. Let it rest for a minute and consume while warm.

Contains: Pork, Muscovado, Wine,