Buffalo & Celery

200 g

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The Story

“New York buffalo wings are Jessica’s ultimate comfort food, so when I gave her the idea of making buffalo flavored sausages, you already know what she answered. We tried our best to mimic NY buffalo wings and translate it into a sausage. Adding celery (as typically how you would have buffalo wings) made it even taste closer to her favorite comfort food. When you eat The Butchery Buffalo and Celery sausage, we imagine it would be like eating a deconstructed buffalo wing in a casing. ” -Kiko Keep frozen. Can be stored for several months but best consumed within 3 months for best flavor and quality. Cooking instructions: Thaw sausage in the fridge. Simmer with 6 tablespoons of water over low-medium heat. Cover and turn every few minutes. When water evaporates drizzle with your preferred oil and brown skin for 5 mins. Avoid overcooking as it will dry out the sausages. Let it rest for a minute and consume while warm. 

Contains: Chicken, Chili, Dairy