Caramelized Onion & Mozarella

200 g

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The Story

“At a certain point in our experimental stage, we realized that we have made all our trial sausage flavors either salty, spicy, or herbed. We we’re missing one important sausage flavor- something sweet! So we came up with our version of caramelized onions, combined them in our sausage mix, added chunks of mozzarella and there you have a sweet piece of Heaven. This sausage became an instant favorite of kids.” - Kiko and Jessica

Keep frozen. Can be stored for several months but best consumed within 3 months for best flavor and quality.

Cooking instructions: Thaw sausage in the fridge. Simmer with 6 tablespoons of water over low-medium heat. Cover and turn every few minutes. When water evaporates drizzle with your preferred oil and brown skin for 5 mins. Avoid overcooking as it will dry out the sausages. Let it rest for a minute and consume while warm. 

Suggested Usage:
Finger food, rice meal, tacos, sweet pasta and more

Contains: Pork, Dairy, Muscovado