Caseless Chicken Inasal 500g

500 g

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The Story

“This is a recipe shared by my sister Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis, owner of Pio’s Kitchen. She experimented on making inasal one day and taught us the recipe when we needed to showcase a Filipino inspired sausage at the 2016 Madrid Fusion. With some enhancement, we decided to make it a caseless sausage so people can enjoy them in ground form to top on rice, put in wraps or form into patty or sausage ball shapes for their kids to enjoy. Our version of this Filipino classic is very versatile that it became an instant hit among our loyal customers.” -Jess Keep frozen. Can be stored for several months but best consumed within 3 months for best flavor and quality. Cooking instructions: Thaw in the fridge or pan cook frozen. No need for oil. Cover pan to cook faster. Suggested Usage: Rice meal, salad, tacos, form into balls or patties and more.

Contains: Muscovado, Soysauce